2015: The Year in Austin Comedy


If you’re reading this, odds are you went to a comedy show or two in Austin this year. You probably saw or heard something that made you laugh so hard, tears came out of you eyes or you struggled to breath. A moment that whenever you think about it, you find it impossible not to smile. When you look back on the last twelve months, do any of these funny memories bubble up as some of your favorite of the year?
They certainly do for us. Granted, we’re biased as hell. We put on a comedy festival every year because we love comedy and we love Austin. When it’s time for local media, blogs, arts & entertainment sites to recap the year that was, comedy in this town gets the little brother treatment. Like the very little brother treatment.

But between the explosion of shows, festivals, and talent that hit this city in 2015, being a fan of comedy in Austin has never been better. So between now and December 31st, Austin Sketch Fest is going to look back at the biggest moments, the best shows, the funniest people, the comedic movers and shakers that made 2015 the amazing year it was for Austin Comedy.

Unlike Uatu the Watcher from Marvel Comics, we couldn’t be everywhere and see everything. So we’ve enlisted some friends to help us recap the year. If you have something that you think made 2015 a great year for Austin Comedy, let us know at austinsketchfest@gmail.com.

Thanks, and be check back in tomorrow for the first post.