ASF 14 kicks off tonight, The Show of One-Person Shows preview, and a fan-made video


Firstly, follow us on instagram! It’s empty right now, but it’ll start flowing tonight!
The 2014 Austin Sketch Fest gets started tonight at 8:30 at ColdTowne Theater with performances from Bad Example, Magician vs Clown, and Wink Planet. That’s going to be a hot hot show guaranteed. Get tickets here.
Then at 10pm we have “I Didn’t See You There: The Show of One-Person Shows”. That show is going to be NUTS. Here’s what you’re in store for:

-Will Cleveland in “Max O. Comedian”
-Amy Wright in “Foul Mouse”
-Curtis Luciani in “Curtis Luciani: My Sweet Youth”
-Juliet Prather in “Tilly in the Mirror”
-Kyle Sweeney in “Aging Humanoid and The Ocean (not to be confused with ‘The Old Man and the SeaTM‘)”
-Scott Raney in “The Reformation of Tit Bastard”
-Adam Trabka in “Mime Story, My Story”
-Kirk Johnson in “Tending Bathroom”
-Erik May McNichol in “The N62 to Midway.”
-Byron Brown in “Ghetto goofball”

Hosted by Mac Blake. Tickets available here.

And finally here’s a video a fan made for us:
[responsive_vimeo 95874446]