ASF Hot Seat: AC Lerok


AC Lerok‘s John Buseman and Rob Gagnon are about as fearless as performers get. Or they’re just weirdos with specific turn-ons. Either way, their shows are great. John and Rob have performed at Austin Sketch Fest before with different groups but this year will mark the ASF debut of AC Lerok.
You guys started out in different sketch groups. How’d you hook up?

Rob Gagnon: Chemistry and a similar sense of humor is so important. It was clear that we had that when we first kissed, both of us had put on those fake glossy wax lips thinking we were tricking the other! We laughed and laughed.

John Buseman: I knew exactly what I was doing! Our former groups, Spirit Desire and There’s Waldo, were best sketch buds. We did lots of shows together and I’d always been a big fan of this goofball.

What’s AC Lerok’s writing process?

Rob: One of us shares a small dumb joke that has no place in the public eye, that’s the beginning. Then we make it 7-10 minutes long. Presto-change-o, we’ve done it!

John: There’s plenty of walks outside because my laugh is too “Jersey” for public places and Rob gets embarrassed. We like to go back and forth, “deep dishing” scripts, which is what we call improvising to get a script. Read a book.

What can we expect from your ASF show?

Rob: Have you ever seen Forrest Gump? It will be similar to that aesthetically but instead of accomplishing a lot he’ll have a sandwich and take a nap.

John: Probably nudity.

What are you looking forward to about Austin Sketch Fest?

Rob: We’ve never seen a comedy show so we’re pretty pumped to get a look at that.

John: Also pretty excited to see Austin, heard it’s a great town.

That’s weird. The impression that I got was that you two were veteran performers from Austin. Not the case?

Rob: You’re thinking of American Football, it’s huge in Texas.

John: This will actually be our first performance outside of our parents’ basements.

Rob: We’ve technically been performing in Austin for years, we even won some award at the Texas Independent Film Festival. The problem is that we haven’t been paying attention this entire time.

One last question, you guys attracted a bit of buzz at the Moontower Comedy Festival last month. How did your show go?

John: First off, we have no idea why we were on that list other than “sex sells”, am I right? I think I am. We’re better at sketch than improv. The sketch stuff went great.

RobSex sells and we sold quite well at Moontower. Was it my pepperoni nips? Could it have been the rich forrest growing on John’s chest? You never can be sure, but if we had to guess it was probably the heat radiating from our wieners.

AC Lerok is performing Wednesday 10pm, May 21st at ColdTowne Theater with Hot Property and Chris Tellez. BUY TICKETS