ASF Hot Seat: Girls With Brown Hair


Samantha Schecter and Becky Chicoine are Girls With Brown Hair, an NYC sketch duo with a monthly show at the UCB theater AND YES THEY HAVE BROWN HAIR! Was that really what you wanted to know so badly? They’re also hilarious. They bounce from character to character and they’re hilarious. Does that help? Hey – sorry for yelling, that was out of line. Sam and Becky will be bringing their show WOMANTOWN to ASF, closing out our Thursday night line-up.
What’s your comedy history?

Becky Chicoine: I started studying improv and sketch at UCB in 2010.

Sam Schecter: I started with just sketch at UCB in 2011 and then went thorough the entire improv program in 2012.

Becky: the two of us starting working together in feb of 2013 after we met as UCB interns.

Sam: But before UCB, Becky and I both studied and performed musical theater before switching to comedy full time.

Musical Theater, eh? Any favorite shows you were in?

Sam: Oh yes. Musical theater indeed. My favorite show I ever did was probably playing Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie. Normally I played the funny best friend/sidekick but in this case I got to tap dance, wear awesome costumes and be the funny star. Woo!

Becky: I was in The Wizard of Oz in 8th grade and I GOT to play the tree that says “How do you like them apples?”!

What was the genesis of your current show, WOMANTOWN?

Becky: The birth of WOMANTOWN came from the very first sketch we performed together called “Scissor Sisters.” WOMANTOWN is framed with a parody of a musical theatre song, which is due to our shared musical theatre backgrounds. Our favorite kind of sketches are ‘peas in a pod’ character sketches and we thought it would be pretty great to have an entire town full of all these fun characters.

[responsive_youtube t2VH_7S1p8A]

What can people expect from your ASF show?

Sam: They can expect singing, dancing, and a full theatrical experience of living in an all female town in New Mexico. We know the public is very curious and we’re here to show them. We have a lot of energy and a lot of silliness!

What are you looking forward to at ASF?

Becky: We’re super excited to see all the different shows, to meet new performers, to do some drankin’ and dancin’, and to go shopping in all the same stores they have in New York but in Austin. It’s also both of our first times visiting Austin!

Let’s say we gave you an unlimited budget to create a piece of musical theater, what would you make?

Sam: I would create an hour long version of the opening of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The opening is SO LONG and it would an amazing piece of parody theater.

Becky: Sam is right. That’s the only way to go. But the other way to go is to create an original musical about the creation of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. There would be SO MANY Dreamcoat prototypes.

Girls with Brown Hair perform their show WOMANTOWN, Thursday May 22nd at 10pm along with STAG Comedy and stand-up from Bryan Cook – all at the Spider House Ballroom. Tickets here.