ASF Hot Seat: Hot Property


Hot Property shows were nuts. Things got smashed, cast members were abused, people at a Yelp event were offended. One of their sketches involved them pretending to be comatose on stage for the entirety of Drowning Pool’s “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor.” An endurance test for many reasons. Then Nick Ramirez moved to New York. The other three members continued on with STAG Comedy and that was that. But now, Nick Ramirez is returning for a special Hot Property reunsion show closing out Night 2 of Austin Sketch Fest. We asked HP some Qs.
How’s New York treating you, Nick?

Nick Ramirez: As Alicia Keys famously told us, New York truly is a concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

Lance Gilstrap: Of what, Nick? Made of WHAT?

David Jara: I was saddened by the news that Alicia Keys was eaten by a subway lion. A portion of the proceeds from our show will go for the safe and humane release of subway lions back into their concrete jungle habitat.

How did Hot Property come together?

Nick: Lance and I worked together a lot in our improv and sketch comedy team Midnight Society, and also did a very strange two person show as “Ramirez and Gilstrap.” We knew Mac and David from their radio show and podcast The Mascot Wedding Show and we thought they were incredibly funny. I don’t remember what happened next.

Lance: I think next was a Bugs Bunny style trick where we somehow convinced Mac and David to be in shows with us.

David: How many opportunities will I ever get to be part of a supergroup? It was a no-brainer. I just wish someone had warned me about how filthy Lance’s comedy can get.

Mac Blake: I was initially very intimidated by Lance and Nick because they were big shots at ColdTowne. Once I got to know how mentally weak they were, it was smooth sailing.

[responsive_youtube OUIyJmuTV3E]

You guys are sketch-prov right?

Mac: Right. We know the beats of each sketch, where it begins, ends, who comes on when, etc. But what we do in between is up to the performer. A lot of it is trying to make each other laugh so they break.

What can we expect from your ASF show?

Lance: It’s always hard to know exactly what to expect from a Hot Property show, but one thing is usually guaranteed… it will be dirty. Very very dirty.

David: Leave your monocles at the door, greyboxes. Stuffed shirts are not allowed in Lance’s Filth Pit.

Mac: There’s one sketch that’s very gentle. But then right back to boner talk.

What other show are you looking forward to seeing at austin sketch fest?

Nick: I’ve already seen and can vouch for a lot of the great New York shows that are coming down. I hope everyone checks out Brandon Gulya, Stone Cold Fox, and Everyone’s Favorite Game Show. And of course, I’m excited to see Austin favorites “STAG Comedy”. Those guys are pretty funny.

Lance: (please edit out the part where Nick pathetically kisses everyone’s ass by plugging Stag.) I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the acts that played at last year’s festival and finding out what they’ve been up to since.

David: Good grief. Do I have to pick just one? The lineup for the entire week truly is solid; like, every night has at least a couple of can’t-miss acts. But, if I had to pick one, I’m excited that Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting is coming back to Austin. They’re insanely funny, and they’ve also never spit on me, which I consider a plus in any walk of life.

Mac: I don’t think we’ll get to see AC Lerok, because they’re going on right before us and we’ll be doing some last minute yelling at Nick. BUT – I’ve heard their recent stuff is billy bezerk.Plus Chris Tellez is a sweet champion. Definitely come to this show.

Hot Property performs TONIGHT, Wednesday at 10pm at ColdTowne Theater, with sketch duo AC Lerok and stand-up Chris Tellez. Tickets here.