ASF Hot Seat: MY Mans


My Mans was set to perform in Austin a couple years ago at the Out Of Bounds Comedy festival, but RIGHT before that happened one half of the Mans, Tim Robinson was whisked away to SNL. Tim and Mark Raterman are now returning to Austin to fill that My Mans-shaped hole in our hearts.
When is the last time My Mans performed together?

Mark Raterman: We last performed together probably 2, 2 1/2 years ago in Chicago as My Mans. We’re both members of the improv group Cook County Social Club, though, too. So we’ve improvised together a lot with the other guys in that group since the last official My Mans show.

You guys have worked on a lot of projects. What is it about My Mans that makes it stand out?

Mark: I think if people like the show it’s partly due to our dynamic on stage. We’ve performed together a lot and we enjoy each other’s comedy. We generally laugh at the same stuff. And structurally (along with our director and co-writer Andy Miara) we’ve tried to create a unique format that marries stand alone sketches with a narrative arc. It’s something that’s been done here and there, but we have our own take on it, I think.

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What’s your process like for creating a My Mans show?

Mark: Usually the three of us (Andy, Mark, Tim) get together and share a bunch of sketch ideas and bits to see what’s making us laugh at that given time. Then we test those ideas out on stage in front of an audience. After a few shows like that we not only see what’s working, but what kinds of themes and connections start emerging. At some point, Andy puts together a handful of running orders and we work those until we have one solid running order with a cohesive narrative.

What can people expect from your ASF show?

Mark: Something close to what I’ve described above. But probably also a lot of improvising, forgetting lines, cues and entrances because we haven’t run a My Mans show in a few years. Which hopefully will create some fun moments.

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What are you looking forward to about ASF?

Mark: Eating pork belly tacos at Tyson’s.

You have two chances to catch My Mans at ASF. Friday, May 23rd at 8:30pm with Brandon Gulya (TICKETS), or Saturday, May 24th at 8:30pm with Stone Cold Fox and Maggie Maye (TICKETS). Both shows are at Spider House Ballroom.