ASF Hot Seat: Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting


Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting is Katie Hartman and Leah Rudick – as fearless a duo as you’ll find in comedy. We’re very excited to have them back to Austin. Besides a monthly show at New York City’s PIT, a recent appearance on Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler’s Hot Tub show, the duo have also recently launched a new web series, Made to Order. To answer our questions, Katie and Leah merged and formed a hive mind.
What’s your monthly show like?

The show is generally a mix of new and old sketches so we can try stuff out. Sometimes we’ll write a sketch and give it 2 shots and then kind of abandon it. Recently, we’ve been having a great time taking old abandoned sketches that we put up years ago and rewriting them so that they actually make sense. Those are some of our favorite pieces at the moment. It’s like flipping houses. But with no manual labor. And making laughter instead of making money.

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Tell us about your new web-series, Made to Order.

It’s the first attempt we’ve ever made at alonger narrative on film. The series follows two sisters who need money and start an underground food delivery business. The stakes are super high, as though they were actually selling meth or cocaine, but it’s just, like, sandwiches. The concept is based on a couple people in Brooklyn, years ago, who would make lobster rolls or fancy grilled cheese in their own kitchens and then do these secret handoffs around the corner. You didn’t have to know ‘the guy’ but you had to know a guy who knew ‘the guy.’ They were all shut down because they weren’t legitimate restaurants that followed health code. So we took that idea and then basically turned it into Breaking Bad but with food. And no cancer. And more dick jokes.

What can we expect from your ASF show?

We’ll be doing a compilation of “Best Of” material. Some of our favorite new sketches with some golden oldies.

What are you looking forward to at ASF?

We love performing in Austin more than any other city in these here United States. The city is brimming with comedy and music and, in our experience, the audiences are up for anything. Sometimes the sketches we love the most that may not hit every time in New York will hit in Austin making us give a knowing smile while we think, “yeah, you get it.” Austin was the first place we performed as a duo outside of New York when we started, and we just kept coming back because we love it so much. It feels a little bit like we grew up with Austin.

Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting will be performing Saturday, May 24th, 10pm at ColdTowne Theater, along with Rabbit Rabbit and Katie Pengra. Tickets here.

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