ASF Hot Seat: There's Waldo


When There’s Waldo gets together expect infectious energy and total commitment to whatever dumb thing is going on. Dumb in a good way of course. Like Teen Wolf dumb, not like Transformers Dark of the Moon dumb. Does that make sense? Check it out for yourself Thursday, May 23 at 8pm (get tickets). We asled Waldonians Amy Dietze and John Buseman for a little preview.
You guys spent part of last year hosting a weekly variety show. How’d that go?

Amy Dietze: Ah yes, Informal Pig Show. It was fun and a little bit exhausting. We wanted it to have an “anything goes” atmosphere, and I think we mostly achieved that. It was nice to be able to give stage time to people wanting to try out new things, and we used our hosting time to do some of the weirdest bits we’ve ever done. We were already open to doing really dumb stuff, but it may have pushed us even further in that direction.

What can we expect from your ASF show?

John Busemen: Stupidity and delight.

Amy: Hopefully things that will make you happy and a little bit uncomfortable at the same time.

What are some of your biggest comedy influences?

Amy: Bob Newhart. Mitch Hedberg. Arrested Development. All of the Christopher Guest movies for the incredible character work. Anything that is genuine and shows commitment.

John: The rest of There’s Waldo, because we work together so much and I think all of our sensibilities have rubbed off on each other. I love really stupid sketch that exists in its own world, like Stella and Human Giant. The Comedy Bang Bang Podcast, and Andy Daley.

Why sketch comedy?

John: It’s cheaper than coke.

Any: Maybe. We’ve spent a lot of money on stupid props. I love sketch because it’s just such a great challenge for comedy writers and performers to try to get something to be exactly what we want it to be, and figuring out how to get there. It can go to a weirdly obsessive place of making endless tiny revisions and adjustments, but when you find something that really works it feels worth it. Also, there’s pretty much nothing more fun than getting to create ridiculous things with people that you love, in my opinion.

What are you looking forward to at Austin Sketch Fest?

Amy: I’ve never seen Beige before, so I’m excited to see what they do. Your Terrific Neighbors is always a sure bet for work that’s original and unpredictable.

John: Coke parties. Paul F. Tompkins. Getting to see out of town groups for something new and inspiring. Also, just the chance to hang out with local troupes who we don’t always get to see because everyone’s always busy doing their own thing. More joke friendships!

Hot Seat question! Which member of TW would make the worst president?

Amy: Sara Osburn. She would never make any decisions because she wants to make everyone happy. Also she would get distracted by articles about how Lauren Conrad from The Hills is totally braiding her hair now.

John: I presume this question is only for Tyler and I because, haha women, right?

There’s Waldo is performing Thursday May 23rd at 8pm along with STAG! and Danny Palumbo at the SpiderHouse Ballroom.