ASF HOT SEAT: Untold Stories of West Coast Gangsta Rap


Untold Stories of West Coast Gangsta Rap features sketches about Eazy-E, Snoop, Suge Knight, 2pac and many more! We put the team in the ASF Hot Seat to find out more about their team, who their comedy inspirations are and most importantly, what they’d put on a breakfast taco.

Where are y’all from?

Los Angeles, CA

How long have y'all been performing?

6 months together, individually we've all been performing for 5 to 10 years at least.

Who are your comedy inspirations?

Adam McKay, Patrice O'Neal, Key & Peele, Larry David, Dave Chappelle, and Garry Shandling.

What about non-comedy inspirations?

Nipsey Hussle, Christoph Waltz, Vince Gilligan, and Alan Ball.

What's the vibe of the show you're performing at ASF?

Sketch comedy about West Coast Gangsta Rap

What music are y'all currently listening to?

Nipsey Hussle

Build a perfect breakfast taco. We will be judging you.

Carne asada, potatoes, eggs, avocado, grilled white onions, and brown rice.

Untold Stories of West Coast Gangsta Rap, starring: Dean Sharpe (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Matthew Harris (UCB Maude), Jahred King (Living Vee), and Pedro Lopez (Arrested Development, Ozark). The show is written & directed by Victor Samuel Lopez (Key & Peele, All That, Moonshot).

Catch Untold Stories of West Coast Gangsta Rap with UCB Characters Welcome on May 25th at The North Door!

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