ASF HOT SEAT: Lindsey Mallard

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In Meet Me in Mizzery, Lindsey Mallard embarks on a journey through character to places like home, and no place like home. We put Lindsey in the hot seat to find out more the origin of her show's name, the badasses that inspire her (seriously, her picks are SO good), and her ambitious as hell breakfast taco preference!

Where are you from?

Los Angeles currently, St. Louis originally :)

How long has your team been performing?

Close to ten years of comedy and every day since birth while in social settings.

Who are your inspirations, both in comedy & not?

SO MANY SO MANY. I adore Kristen Wiig's character commitment, Melissa McCarthy and her ability to transform into absolutely anything, Leslie Jone's ability to break down walls and give absolutely no fucks, my absolute favorite comedic actor is Kathryn Hahn 100%. That woman. That woman is GOLD.

I have a lot of male comedic inspirations (gender is fluid), but they get recognition on the daily so I'll simply say, "Way to go, boys. Lift up women."

Non-comedic inspirations are Elizabeth fucking Warren, Kamala fucking Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Oprah fucking Winfrey, and Brene fucking Brown.

What's the vibe of the show you're performing at ASF?

Whew. Let's take a peek into my repressed and racist surroundings while growing up and me being none the wiser. Is that a vibe? I think it's a vibe..or you could just say the vibe is "America".....?

What is the origin of your show’s name?

My mom and dad came up with - it's slowly growing on me. My show name was formed from the song "Meet Me In St. Louis" (I grew up right outside of St. Louis) and Mizzery is what everyone calls least everyone I know.

What music are you currently listening to?


Build a perfect breakfast taco. We will be judging you.

THE PRESSURE. Flour tortilla, scrambled egg base with some sort of chiles, queso fresco, shit ton of cilantro, SALSA VERDE, BIG THICK BACON, avocado (basic bitch moment), sauteed potatoes with peppers and onions and hot sauce BITCHES!

Catch Lindsey Mallard: Meet Me In Mizzery with Tantrum (LA) on May 24th at ColdTowne Theater!

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