ASF HOT SEAT: Matt & Peter

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Matt & Peter are a 3 man sketch team formed in LA. They perform musically inspired sketches and encourage you to sing-a-long, but please no crowd surfing. We put them in the hot seat to find out a little bit more about their show, their inspo and of courseā€¦their favorite breakfast taco šŸŒ®

Where are you from?

Los Angeles, CA

How long have you been performing?

7 years

Who are your inspirations, both in comedy & not?

Our Comedy inspirations are to perform a fun show that gets stuck in your head. Non-Comedy inspirations, to eat well, live safely, and amass a large collection of cool sneakers. ... ... ohhhhhhhhh, like, like people? ohhh, like um...

Comedy Inspirations: Murray, Garofalo, Stiller, Thompson, Vaughn, Belushi, Radner.

Non Comedy Inspirations: Thomas Jefferson (inventor of the swivel chair).

What's the vibe of the show you're performing at ASF?

Our show is full of music and silly characters. 2/3rds of the show is music or music related and the rest of the show is pretty silly. We hope you feel the courage to sing along, or find one of our songs stuck in your head.

What is the origin of your teamā€™s name?

"Matt & Peter" is a 3 person comedy team. Two guys are named Matt, and that other guy is named Peter. We promise, the content of our show is way more creative than our name.

What music are you currently listening to?

Say Anything, new Vampire Weekend, Soccer Mommy, Rick Ross, Billie Eilish, and one of our favorite LA groups- Femmedy Trio (also performing at ASF)

Build a perfect breakfast taco. We will be judging you.

šŸ”„ tortilla, soft scramble eggs, raw onions, chorizo, fried potatoes, melted cheese, verde salsa šŸ”„

Catch Matt & Peter with Newport on May 23rd at Fallout Theater!

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