Get to Know: Delicious Moments

Remember those sitcoms you and your family watched growing up and you just couldn’t get enough of? Cosby…Cheers…Whitney…Dynasty…A Movie…Cosby… Well, Delicious Moments (Ithamar Enriquez and Brian Shortall) doesn’t. BUT, they decided to make their own live sitcom, with everything you love about sitcoms: Opening Credits, Furniture, Snake Monsters AND a Wacky Neighbor to be played by a very celebrated and respected local Austin actor. “Taped” before a “live” studio “aud”ience, Delicious Moments is aware of itself, the audience and everything else. Watch Delicious Moments break the fifth wall.Ithamar and Brian’s credits include The Second City, IO, UCB, The Office, Raising Hope, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Key and Peele, Supernews, Punk’d, The Promotion, Miss Congeniality II, The Tonight Show and the television. Delicious Moments blew the doors off the place last year and we can’t wait to see their new show tonight. We asked them for some inside deliciousness (eww).

How did you get involved in sketch comedy?

Ithamar Enriquez: I’ve always loved comedy and started doing improv in college. Once I found out that Chicago was the place to be for improv and sketch, I moved there and took classes at Second City. I eventually wrote and performed at Second City and the rest…is…social studies.

Brian Shortall: I’m from Chicago, so the Second City was close by. I never had the courage to actually try sketch comedy until after college. I always loved sketch. Once I studied it, there was no looking back.

What’s your writing process like?

Brian: With Delicious Moments it’s very fun, fast and conversational. We believe in writing instinctually. Whatever we think of first is usually correct.

Ithamar: There is not much difference with writing and having a conversation with Brian. We are always doing “delicious” type bits. When we know we have to write, we just start typing.

What are you looking forward to at Austin Sketch Fest?

Brian: The people! The shows! The city! We had such a blast last year.

Ithamar: The comedy community. Austin has such an AMAZING energy and love for
comedy. The enthusiasm that everyone displays is infectious, inspiring and exciting. Oh and also getting a chance to eat at that BBQ place that closes everyday when they run out of food. I didn’t get a chance to eat there last time.

Brian: I really love austin. I could live there.

What can we expect from your ASF show?
Brian: If all goes well, it will be surreal and absurd. In a good way.

Ithamar: It’s always difficult to describe what we do because most of the time, we don’t know ourselves. So content wise, I can’t say too much. But I will say that the show involves Brian Shortall and I on stage, a couple of actors from Austin (Turns out it’s gonna be the amazing Dave Buckman and Irene White! – Mac) and at some point you will clap.

List 5 things about Delicious Moments, only 3 of which are true.

1. Delicious Moments performs weekly in Los Angeles.
2. Delicious Moments is Brian Shortall and Ithamar Enriquez
3. Delicious Moments is Ithamar Enriquez and Brian Shortall.
4. Benjamin Franklin was the 22nd president of the United States of Tara.
5. Remember those bracelets that slap around the wrist?

1. ithamar and I met when we were 7 years old.
2. ithamar and I met when we were 22 years old.
3. ithamar and I have never met.
4. Delicious Moments remembers when seinfeld went off the air.
5. Delicious Moments will be in the state of Texas soon.

Delicious Moments performs at 29th streetballroom, TONIGHT at 10 PM, with Your Terrific Neighbors. Tickets HERE.