Get to Know: STAG Comedy

Austin-based STAG Comedy has sworn a bload-oath to always be awesome. Made up of members of Master Pancake Theater and Mascot Wedding, Stag’s high-energy live show brings together their love of dumb problems, stupid emotions, and smart writing. They recently performed at SXSW and this year marks their third straight Austin Sketch Fest. We asked Stag members David Jara and Ximena Estrada to spill their goddamn guts.
How did you get involved with doing sketch comedy?

David Jara: We just kinda did it, man. We wanted to do a show so we did a show. Boom. Now I’m done. (drops mic)

What’s your writing process like?

Ximena Estrada: Grueling. We each take time to write sketches and then we get together to read them out loud to one another. Someone always ends up in tears or in their underwear.

What are you looking forward to at Austin Sketch Fest?

David: Honestly, the thing I’m most looking forward to is hanging out with all of my friends. The Austin sketch community is really a great group of very funny and very nice people, and ASF has always been a weekend to celebrate this great thing that Austin continues to build. So, to see each other’s shows and then pal around afterwards really is one of the highlights of my year. Oh, and barbecue. Lots of barbecue.

What can we expect from your ASF show?

Ximena: There are some gross bits but it’s all super hilarious.

List 5 things about Stag Comedy, of which only 3 are true.

1. Stag was named after America’s favorite confirmed bachelor – Liberace!
2. We have this tradition when actor Paul Bettany is ever mentioned or is on screen we chant his name, turn in circles, and clap our hands in the air.
3. There was a short period of time where we were all heavily addicted to street racing.
4. We met as extras on the film President Baseball.
5. We’re all part of a tontine where the last survivor gets the ultimate VHS library. Wait… well, shit.

Stag Comedy performs at Hyde Park Theater on Friday, May 25th at 8 PM, with Astronaut Theatre. Tickets HERE.