Get to Know: The Hustle Show

The Hustle Show is ColdTowne Theater’s hit monthly comedy variety show. Quickly gaining a reputation as one of Austin’s can’t miss events, The Hustle Show features a mix of sketch comedy, games, and assorted mayhem. We asked some questions to cast members Michael Pedicano, Courtney Sevener, Jeff Whitaker, and DJ Skwurtz.

How did you get involved with doing sketch comedy?

Michael Pedicano: Sketch was a natural transition from improv and a good way for me to healthily channel a distorted sense of reality.

Jeff Whitaker: Growing up as a kid, my family and I used to watch Saturday Night Live together. It was definitely our family time. Since I was five, I started writing things down and making home movies with my friends. Fast-forward twenty years and I am now involved with a very supportive group of people that I met through improv. I was approached with the opportunity and I have loved every minute of it. I’m now getting to see all my stupid ideas put onto a stage.

DJ Skwurtz: I dropped da fattest beats at da Barbra Walters Middle School Talent Show and this dude was there and was like, “yo I got this show tha Hustle Show” and I was like, “Shhh shhh shhhhhhh shh Say no more dawg.”

What’s your writing process like?

Courtney Sevener: My pattern thus far has consisted of writing a page of dialogue that is based off of a conversation that I have with friends, and then getting feedback from members of the Hustle Show. It’s incredibly awesome to take a once funny bullshit conversation and turn it into a sketch.

Whitaker: Personally, I don’t think about it too much until something odd or funny happens in the day and I immediately write it down. I tend to visualize certain scenarios unfolding in my head. When I get a moment, I open up the old notebook and write down a skeleton of the sketch and create characters. The only obstacle is trying to unscramble some of my 2am or drunk notes or at least be more specific in my notes. One of the worst from two years ago was, “Pacific Whalers Harlem Tacos.” I’m still working on this one.

Sevener: I love to hear people’s different takes on things and mash up all of the different senses of humor into a hopefully hilarious sketch. Truth is a pretty straightforward tool to utilize in writing.

What are you looking forward to at Austin Sketch Fest?

Pedicano: Seeing what brilliant, weird pieces the other troupes have poured their time and effort into putting together. Also, F. Scott Fitzgerald is headlining.

Sevener: I’m completely thrilled to be a part of Sketch Fest. I saw posters and T-shirts last year and thought to myself, “Personal goal – be in that shit next year,” and here I am. It’s also going to be great to see what other sketch troupes have to offer, a definite opportunity to expand and grow as a performer.

Whitaker: Last year, I was unaware of the Austin sketch scene and just tried it out with low expectations. I was blown away and like Courtney, made a goal to be in it the following year. It was one of the most fun things I did last year and being in it this year will be amazing.

Skwurtz: I been hittin up Steve Harvee on twitter (@YOLOSkwurtz) to try to do some of his comedy so that would be pretty dope. If he cant come Ill probably just watch tha Steve Harvee show on my roommates iPad and eat some noodles. YOLO.

What can we expect from your ASF show?

Pedicano: The Hustle Show is so full of nerd swagger you can’t help but think to yourself, “These guys are way too cool to have to have waited until college to lose their virginities.”

Sevener: Variety. The Hustle Show doesn’t cater to one kind of audience. We have a unique way of taking reality and finding the funny in it, but also thinking up the craziest scenarios and seeing them through on stage. That’s definitely the take-away from our show.

Whitaker: A group of talented people having a lot of fun and putting on a hell of a show. I definitely think that The Hustle Show is a collection of people who enjoy working together and are having a blast doing so. I guarantee this will be a great show to watch with a lot of variety. In the words Gandhi himself, “getcha popcorn ready.”

Skwurtz: Oh mah god fat beats. The fattest beats. Beats so fat they have to waddle outta da speakers.

List 5 things about The Hustle Show of which only 3 are true.

1. The Hustle Show got its name because we all are obsessed with the movie “Hustle & Flow”
2. The Hustle Show is a monthly variety show that features stand-up, music, sketch and more!
3. A Hustle Show original cast member included Denzel Washington.
4. We all have matching tattoos of the entire cast of Taxi.
5. A staple sketch of The Hustle Show is the cast reading actual Yahoo News comments from the worst articles you’ll find on the website.

DJ Skwurtz, you have your own?

1. George Lopez is da co-host
2. Fat beats get dropped
3. I DONT hustle every day (LOL)
4. Steve Harvee is tha #1 comedy dude
5. Steve Harvee is NOT tha #1 comedy dude and he DOESNT have a mustache (LOL)

The Hustle Show performs at ColdTowne Theater on Wednesday, May 23rd at 8 PM, with There’s Waldo. Tickets HERE..