Headliner for Austin Sketch Fest

Did we ever decide on what we're calling this decade? 2000-2009 was the Aughts, which has power and umph when you say it. Aughts! I've heard the term Teens used before and to be honest it doesn't have the same energy as Aughts. Teens is too informal, too focus grouped. Let's take out an "e" and just call it the Tens.  "Perfect Ten", "Tens across the board", Ten, the debut album by Pearl Jam. All great things! Speaking of ten, we have a big announcement for the TENTH edition of Austin Sketch Fest: our headliners!


From UCB to SNL, Ego Nwodim has conquered every famous comedy institution that goes by an acronym. After a killer first year on Saturday Night Live, Nwodim will make her way down to Austin for a set guaranteed to knock your socks off!

Are you excited? Because sure as hell are! We have so many things in store for you - so keep those eyes peeled and your Memorial Day weekend open! This is the last Austin Sketch Fest of the Tens, let's go out in style!

Ashlee Pryor

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