Here's the Second Wave of ASF Performers

That’s right, FATHER, we added even more people to this year’s Austin Sketch Fest. I’m sorry to disappoint you again, sir. I know you’d prefer it if we didn’t jam pack this festival with the funniest people we can find. Well too bad, Father. Your little Festival is all grown-up and we’re not hiding who we are anymore.
ANYWAY, we’ve added even more awesomeness to this year’s ASF. That includes some of Austin’s best stand-ups like Avery Moore, Bob Khosravi, Danny Palumbo, Joe Hafkey, and Zac Brooks. The sketch duo AFL (Maggie Maye and Kelsey Caine) will also be on board.

Plus we have the line-ups for The Show of One-Person Shows and Master Pancake Theater. Aaron Brooks, Alejandro Garcia, Amy Wright, Carlos LaRotta, Juliet Prather, Kasey Borger, Nick Ramirez, and Ximena Estrada will be performing a complete solo show (in 8 minutes).

Joining Master Pancake‘s John Erler will be Kath Barbadoro and Mac Blake.

Also, don’t forget about the sketch show & party So Juiced. Those kids are going to keep their line-up secret until the day of, so keep an eye on that.

Full schedule and individual tickets will be up early next week.