She’s Black, He’s White: You Won’t Believe What They Did Next! ASF HOT SEAT: DEFINITION OF KNOWLEDGE

When we watched the Definition of Knowledge submission video we knew we had to get them in the festival. We asked them to give us some insight into their process and what makes them tick. We should have asked them what the definition of knowledge is, but we forgot. 

When did you first start working together?  


How did you come up with your team name? :

It was the most apt name we could come up with. We know what we know, and we are here to define that.

What was the first sketch idea you can remember having as a group or an individual?  

Our first poem we wrote together was about how Occupy Wall Street will last forever. Turns out, we were right.

What's your creative process like? How do you generate ideas and keep it fresh?:

We spend a lot of time with people more disadvantaged than us. Then we take their stories...and give them life. Also, politics are bad now.

Who are your influences? Who are some of your favorite sketch comedy acts performing today? Who has blown your mind?

Our influences are Steve Jobs, Immortal Technique, and the original Aunt Viv. Lin Manuel Miranda is our favourite sketch comedian. Yo, the world blows our mind errday, for real.

For reference, this is Rosa Parks.  

For reference, this is Rosa Parks.  

Do you have any fun "worst show" or "worst audience member" stories?

Our worst show was a “Diversity Show”. No one in the crowd knew who Rosa Parks was.

Do you have any fun "best show" stories?

Our best show hasn’t happened yet. We think it’s gonna be this one. Yo, let’s get lit up Austin!!!!!! (There would be reggae horns there, if this weren’t text)

Are there any ideas that you've had that you can't seem to make work or convince the rest of the team / troupe is actually funny?

Bryn - “I keep wanting to do this bit where I put my dick in a hotdog bun and show it to everyone, but Hannan keeps saying that it makes her deeply uncomfortable. She won’t even let me rehearse it. Hoping I can get this one off the drawing board at our hotel in Austin, if not on stage!”

What should people interested in comedy know about performing sketch that you didn't know when you started?

When we started, we didn’t know that people would like so much material about race. Our advice, is to do most of your material about that. - No matter who you are!

What do we have cooking?

We’re gonna record an album next. We’re doing more festivals in Canada. We’re thinking of breaking out from poetry and trying comedy.

Check out Definition of Knowledge Wednesday, May 24th at 10:30PM at ColdTowne Theater and opening for James Adomian at Spider House Ballroom on Saturday, May 27th at 8:30pm Tix HERE and HERE