*It's just the end of the year, but it feels like the end of the world, and it may as well be. 

It feels a lot like there’s not much to look forward to in 2017 with our incoming administration buddying up to the murderer Vladimir Putin and creating a rogue’s gallery of cabinet members that would make the Legion of Doom queasy, an international refugee crisis that threatens to destabilize Europe, and the constant uncertainty of whether or not the McRib will be back. Not to harp on the adage of “Trump will be good for comedy”, but the truth is that I know that he will be. I believe that the best sketch comedy is derived when we have something to say rather than here’s a dumb idea that’s funny. There’s nothing wrong with that. I use “dumb” as a high compliment while referring to sketch comedy. For example: David S. Pumpkins is so dumb! You know I love that freakin’ sketch so much… But some of my favorite comedians are pissed off comedians: George Carlen, Lewis Black, Sarah Silverman…

I predict that the anger, confusion, fight for equality and social justice that Donald Trump has ignited will carry over in Sketch Comedy at ColdTowne Theater next year in a big way.  Here’s some things that are coming down the pike at CTT with Sketch and other written comedy to that will give us a little something to look forward to in 2017.

Pendulum is holding down their slot with vets Lily Roblin, Emma Holder, Yola Lu, Griffin May, and Christian Payne as well as added young bloods James Fernandez, Daniel Gonzalez, MaysieOcera, Kyle Romero, Tevis Paxton, Bryan May, Kim Tran and Timothy Dredge. Every month, they bring truly oddball character driven comedy with warped sensibilities and strong social commentary. Every 3rd Thursday of the month at 10pm.

Peter Parsons is a recent transplant from Chicago. His kids show that’s not for kids, Secret Mountain, had its third show just one day after Trump won the election. Instead of putting up the show as planned (something that takes him months to write), Pete opted for a page one rewrite in just a day that was picking at a wound so fresh, you weren’t even sure if you had actually been cut. The results of the election were still too surreal, so laughs were few, but a sense of irony was in full effect. Pete is taking the helm of character showcase Don’t Be Yourself alongside ColdTowne vet Cortnie Jones. Every 1st Thursday at 10pm starting in February.

Keith Horvath is another recent transplant from Chicago with directing roots at Annoyance and Second City. His one-off House of 1000 Sketches based on the music of Rob Zombie could be considered an instant Halloween classic with performers and audiences alike. Keith is currently directing This is (Not) the Gayest Show You’ll Ever See slated for the CT Main Stage in March.

Other sketch projects in the works include ColdTowne’s first ever Student Sketch Troupe – a sister troupe to its traditional Student Improv Troupe, two one-woman shows from Loverboy members Maria Pond (Directed by Erika McNichol) and Kim Lowery (Directed by Cortnie Jones), and more from VidTowne– Kyle Sweeney (Movie Riot) and Tim Dredge’s (Pendulum) 24 or 48-hour film challenges.

It’s going to be a weird few years to say the least. It’s a scary and confusing time to be alive. At ColdTowne, there’s a handful of sketch writers, directors, and performers that are dedicated to the craft (and pretty pissed off) to help fight the good fight, make things a little clearer, or at the very least share some laughs. We hope to see you there.

- From the desk of Will Cleveland.