Last Day of Sketch Fest!

All three days of Austin Sketch Fest have been fantastic. Thanks to P! Company, Ghetto Sketch Warlock, Turn of the Century Paris, The Night Show, ColdTowne Mainstage, BLEAK! Comedy, Stag, Audience of Two, Midnight Society, Saddle Dads, Your Terrific Neighbors, and Delicious Moments for delivering some hilarious performances. Packed houses and great shows all around. Tonight, we close it off with two finals shows.
7PM: Best of Fest
Each troupe from the festival is invited to perform one of their favorite sketches. So far, we’ve confirmed there will be performances by MST3K’s Mary Jo Pehl, New York’s Audience of Two, Milwaukee’s Broadminded, and Austin’s Your Terrific Neighbors just to name a few. This promises to be a fantastic show.

8:30PM: Broadminded and Rattlesnake
Broadminded (Milwaukee, WI) — Broadminded is Milwaukee’s premier (and only) all-female sketch comedy group. The broads (Stacy Babl, Anne Graff LaDisa, Melissa Kingston and Megan McGee) have trained at ComedySportz Milwaukee and Chicago’s Second City Conservatory. In 2006 they combined their powers and started writing and performing sketches “By Women. For Everyone.” Their shows are described as “both intelligent satire and straightforward comedy” (Russ Bickerstaff, ExpressMilwaukee). Broadminded, which recently turned five, enjoys finger painting, dancing, and playing dress up; when it grows up, it would like to be a tiger.

Rattlesnake (Austin, TX) — Rattlesnake, composed of Kate Bojanek, Emma Holder and Katie Sicking brings you the weirdest and most unexpected sketch show you’ve ever seen. With scenes about alien warfare, geometric sex, harry potter as a has-been, and a video sketch that literally banned us all from Fiesta Mart, even you’re stuck up cat will enjoy it. Remember when the internet first came out? It was exciting, right? They’re the internet of sketch comedy!