First Wave of ASF Performers + All-Fest Passes


We received a record number of applications for this year’s fest and picking the line-up was tough stuff. After much deliberation, Austin Sketch Fest is HYPER PUMPED to announce the initial group of performers making their way to the plaid-clad kingdom of Austin for this year’s fest:-AC Lerok (ATX) – Bad Example (ATX) – Brandon Gulya (NYC) – Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction hosted by Bryan Cook (LA) – Everyone’s Favorite Game Show (NYC) – Girls with Brown Hair present Womantown (NYC) – Hot Property (reunion show!) (ATX) – “Ithamar has Nothing to Say” starring Ithamar Enriquez (LA) – Magician vs. Clown (ATX) – Master Pancake Theater (ATX) – My Mans (Chicago) – Rabbit Rabbit (Chicago) – STAG Comedy (ATX) – Stone Cold Fox (NYC) – The Hustle Show (ATX) – The Tastemakers (ATX) – “I Don’t Know Words” starring Vanessa Gonzalez (ATX) – Why We Broke Up (NYC) – Wink Planet (ATX) – Your Terrific Neighbors (ATX)

We’ve also put our All-Fest Passes on sale. Because we’re so hot in the pants about the festival, we’re releasing a very limited number at early bird prices. Get one while supplies last!