Merch! Limited Edition Print by Paul Maybury and a Super Soft Shirt.


If you’re coming to any Sketch Fest shows this week, bring a little spending money. We’ll be selling this limited edition (only 70 made) Austin Sketch Fest print by artist Paul Maybury. Paul is an Austin-based artist and writer whose work has been featured by Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and more. His current series, Sovreign is being published by Image Comics. The Sketch Fest prints were printed at Nakatomi Inc and are on sale for $10 each.

And for just $12, you can own a super soft and stylish ASF shirt featuring our logo by the amazing Luther Himes. The shirts we made by the fine folks at Sanctuary Print Shop. Items will be on sale at both ColdTowne and Spider House Ballroom. Cash and credit accepted.