More ASF Performers!


Remember the first wave of ASF performers? And that one dude was all like, “I bet they don’t add any more people.” Well I’d love to see the look on that smug sonuvabitch’s face when he see’s this blog post, and YOU KNOW he will see it.
What I’m saying is that we’ve added even more hilarious people to this year’s ASF line-up. We’ve got stand-up from some of Austin’s best like Abby Rosenquist, Aaron Brooks, Chris Tellez, Carina Magyar, Martin Urbano, Pat Dean, Sara June, and Sam Harter (And don’t forget about the previously announced Eric Krug album recording).

We also have the line-up for The Show of One-Person Shows. Aly Dixon, Byron Brown, Elizabeth Schantz, Lisa Friedrich, Maggie Maye, Maria Pond, Martin Urbano, and Molly Moore will all be doing complete, really funny solo shows in 8-minutes or less.

While we’re keeping the line-up for Waterbed close to our vests until the week of the show, we can announce that Martha Kelly (FX’s Baskets) will be joining Mac Blake as the show’s special guest co-host.

Complete show schedule and tickets are here.
Austin's Queen of  Comedy, the amazing Maggie Maye.