ASF Hot Seat: 2girls1pup


2girls1pup are newcomers to the Austin sketch comedy scene. Elizabeth Schantz and Aly Dixon only met last year. The duo (and some friends) won us over at a live audition with their pleasant mix of darkness and absurdity. They answered our questions, sometimes as a single hive mind.
One of my favorite things about holding Live Auditions is when I’m pleasantly surprised by something unexpected! You’re the young guns of this festival. What was going through your head as you applied?

2girls1pup: It was basically “Let’s do it and hope for the best!” It was a last minute decision we were very happy we made, and we were thrilled to have a lot of funny people join us.

How did your group get together?

2girls1pup: 2girls1pup is Elizabeth Schantz and Aly Dixon and the head writer/producer/inspiration is Aly’s dog, Tengo. We met last year in sketch class at ColdTowne and realized we were comedic soul mates. We quickly became BFFL LYLAS status, so it was an obvious union of creative weirdness. We are also lucky enough to have a hilarious and talented cast of comedians backing us up and bringing the whole show together.

Who are your influences? Who are some of your favorite sketch comedy acts performing today?

2girls1pup: Amy Schumer, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, Amy Poehler obviously. Love me a good Key and Peele sketch!

What makes you laugh the most?

Elizabeth Schantz: I love being surprised by something on stage or on film. There are so many shows or movies where you’re like “Oh god, I see where this is going, dude’s about to take a baseball to the nuts!” (I watch a lot of America’s Funniest Home Videos.) But it’s so rare and perfect when something can surprise and excite a whole audience. Also I’m a sucker for a good diarrhea joke. Sorry, Aly.

Aly Dixon: I also love being surprised, and to be honest, I love a good diarrhea joke, so I resent that comment Elizabeth. Just because I have irritable bowels doesn’t mean I can’t take a joke. Also, there’s this minute in 30 Rock where Liz walks into Jack’s office and runs into a peacock and says “oh my god, a living dinosaur” or something like that and I’ve never laughed harder. Also, anything that Chelsea Peretti does.


What’s the best thing about the Austin comedy scene?

2girls1pup: We love the Austin comedy community because it’s so welcoming and supportive. Everyone wants to collaborate and help out, which makes the shows so much richer and full of lots of hilarious creative input.

Do you have any fun “worst show” or “worst audience member” stories?

2girls1pup: Not really a worst show, but the first time Elizabeth auditioned for anything was in her freshman year of high school. She was doing a monologue and totally froze up, said one sentence then just awkwardly bowed and said, “Thank you, my name is Elizabeth Schantz.” before running offstage. She still made that show though, and it just goes to show you, sometimes even if you screw up, people will pity you enough to give you a chorus member role. Aly, however, once auditioned for You’re a Good man Charlie Brown with the hit song “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and still did not make it into the chorus.

Do you have any fun “best show” stories?

2girls1pup: We actually have our first official 2G1P show coming up on April 7, so that will be our best/worst/only show to date. Regardless of what happens on that silly old stage, we’ll be doing what we love with the peeps we love, so can’t really ask for more than that.

Any advice for visiting troupes?

2girls1pup: Out of towners: EAT AS MUCH AND AS FREQUENTLY AS YOU CAN.

Share with us your tips for a job interview.

Aly: Challenge yourself to stare at the interviewer in the eyes until they look away. It’s a power move I learned somewhere.

Elizabeth: Shower, arrive on time, say your name right.

We need to increase the visibility of this article. Any suggestions for a click-bait headline?

What else – comedy wise – is your group looking forward to this year?

2girls1pup: We’re really just looking forward to putting our group out there on stage more, doing more festivals, making people laugh and collabin’ with all the funny people. Oh, and we’re going to Chicago this summer for the IO intensive which will be dope – watch out windy city!

2girls1pup perform Tuesday, May 19th, 8:30pm with the Hustle Show and Impressionable. TICKETS HERE.