Austin Comedy Hour

ASF Hot Seat: Austin Comedy Hour


The Austin Sketch Festival has a lot of performers, but only one group has a sketch about All-pro tight end Shannon Sharpe. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re proud to welcome the Austin Comedy Hour to ASF. We asked Scott Moss some questions about the Austin Comedy Hour and while he did accept our interview request, he did flat out decline to be serious.
How did your group come together?

Scott Moss: Austin’s City Theatre asked Dan Sawtelle and Bobby DiPasquale to do a sketch show because they’d both done sketch comedy and they both owed the City Theatre a LOT of money. They each charged a friend to be in the group, who in turn charged another friend to be in the group, thus forming the first multi-level marketing sketch troupe.

What’s your writing process like?

Scott: Everyone writes sketches. We bring them in, trash them and start over.

What can we expect from your ASF show?

Scott: People wearing pants, fat guys, a lot of grit and determination, jokes only dogs can hear and perhaps a cameo by Kelsey Grammer.

What are some of your biggest comedy influences?

Scott: Dane Cook. Klaus Kinski. Keenan Thompson. GEICO commercials. Shannon Sharpe. The Allman Brothers. Buffalo Bills fans.

Why sketch comedy?

Scott: Some of us do improv comedy. Some of us do stand up. Some of us do theater. One of us stayed awake during a Lars Von Trier film. Plus, we tried doing haiku comedy and it didn’t go over very well.

What are you looking forward to at Austin Sketch Fest?

Scott: Drinking mint juleps and wearing fancy hats.

The Austin Comedy Hour performs Wednesday May 22rd at 10pm along with The P! Company and Joe Hafkey.