Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction

ASF Hot Seat: Bryan Cook of Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction


Bryan Cook is hitting the road this summer with his hit show, Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction with stops in various festivals, including this year’s Austin Sketch Fest (I really hope that’s not news to anyone). Bryan will be pulling double duty, performing stand-up Thursday night and then ring-mastering CEFF on Friday.
Where, oh where, did the idea from this show come from?

Bryan Cook: I watched my friend Travis Vogt read a piece of Cars erotic fan fic on a stand-up show in Seattle once. At the time I was running an annual Valentine’s Day show. I decided to make all the comics write erotic fan fiction for that, and it was a huge hit, so I made fan fic its own show a month later.

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Has there been an idea that on paper sounded like a total disaster but then worked out great?

Bryan: Zac Sherwin doing Anne Frank – audience suggestion.

What are some of your favorite pieces from past performances?

Bryan: Ian Karmel’s Criss Angel: Mindfreak, Ben Roy’s Life Goes On, and Kyle Kinane’s Facts of Life.

You’ve got a pretty full tour schedule with CEFF. What’s been your experience taking this show on the road?

Bryan: Overwhelmingly positive and exhausting! I can’t complain. It gets me on the road to do stand-up and hang out with comics, which is basically all I want to do.

Are there certain elements that make for a good piece or maybe just some common missteps?

Bryan: People sometimes learn the hard way that, after the first couple contestants have gone, being dirty isn’t enough. The best ones have an angle, some insane plot, or show us a side of a character we didn’t expect. I’ve thought about this so much. I do have a college degree and a girlfriend. I’d like to make that clear.

Bryan Cook will be performing stand-up Thursday 10pm at the Spider House Ballroom, in front of Girls with Brown Hair and STAG Comedy (TICKETS). Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction with an amazing line-up, will close out our Friday night line-up, 10pm at the Ballroom (TICKETS).

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction at the 2014 Austin Sketch Festival


Gird your minds and loins! Austin Sketch Fest is pleased to announce another 2014 headlining show, Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction!
Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction is a comedy show (and popular podcast on the Nerdist Network) held every month at the Nerdmelt Theater in Los Angeles, created & hosted by Bryan Cook. Each show features 10 comics, writing and performing Erotic Fan Fiction pieces, based upon their whims or audience suggestions. Need proof? Check out a piece on Pixar’s Cars.

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CEFF has been featured as a part of: Just For Laughs Chicago, the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, SF Sketchfest, and more. Come see why Laughspin said CEFF “might be one of my favorite comedy shows I’ve ever taken in. Period.”

To listen to past competitions, check out CEFF on iTunes. Episode 36 is a favorite with Sean Patton taking on Breaking Bad and former Austinite David Huntsberger’s erotic Santa Claus letter.

Submissions to perform in the 2014 Austin Sketch Festival are open till February 9th. Full line-up will be announced later this month.