Fantasy Sex Picnic

Get to Know: Fantasy Sex Picnic


Fantasy Sex Picnic has been in front of packed houses every night at The Second City in Hollywood. FSP is high-energy show with a lot of physical comedy, that still maintaining a fresh organic approach every time. A hardcore “Top Gun” volleyball game, plenty of robots, and real actual dinosaurs await you tonight as Fantasy Sex Picnic headlines the 10 PM show at Hyde Park Theater. We asked FSPer Mallorie Woodruff to give us the inside basket.
How did you get involved with doing sketch comedy?

Mallorie Woodruff: We are all Second City graduates and have worked together as Fantasy Sex Picnic for over a year. We have the same type of sense of humor which makes writing our crazy sketches a lot more fun!

What’s your writing process like?

Mallorie: Each of our sketches originated as an improvised scene. Add in a conference table, empty Red Bull cans, and pepper spray and our show was born!

What are you looking forward to at Austin Sketch Fest?

Mallorie: The excitement of being surrounded by wackos like ourselves from all over the country! We’re so grateful for this opportunity.

What can we expect from your ASF show?

Mallorie: World of Warcraft nerds, your high school stalker and a nun strip tease, of course.

List 5 things about Fantasy Sex Picnic, of which only 3 are true.

  • The original cast had 8 members
  • *One of the original title ideas for our show was “The War of 1812”

  • Our age range spans from the 70s to the 90s
  • Oprah called our show “The best thing I have ever seen in my entire life.”
  • One of our members is lactating. (We won’t tell you who he is…)

Fantasy Sex Picnic performs at Hyde Park Theater TONIGHT Friday, May 25th at 10 PM, with Ghetto Sketch Warlock. Tickets HERE.