I Didn't See You There

ASF 14 kicks off tonight, The Show of One-Person Shows preview, and a fan-made video


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The 2014 Austin Sketch Fest gets started tonight at 8:30 at ColdTowne Theater with performances from Bad Example, Magician vs Clown, and Wink Planet. That’s going to be a hot hot show guaranteed. Get tickets here.
Then at 10pm we have “I Didn’t See You There: The Show of One-Person Shows”. That show is going to be NUTS. Here’s what you’re in store for:

-Will Cleveland in “Max O. Comedian”
-Amy Wright in “Foul Mouse”
-Curtis Luciani in “Curtis Luciani: My Sweet Youth”
-Juliet Prather in “Tilly in the Mirror”
-Kyle Sweeney in “Aging Humanoid and The Ocean (not to be confused with ‘The Old Man and the SeaTM‘)”
-Scott Raney in “The Reformation of Tit Bastard”
-Adam Trabka in “Mime Story, My Story”
-Kirk Johnson in “Tending Bathroom”
-Erik May McNichol in “The N62 to Midway.”
-Byron Brown in “Ghetto goofball”

Hosted by Mac Blake. Tickets available here.

And finally here’s a video a fan made for us:
[responsive_vimeo 95874446]

Dave Buckman's ASF Picks


Dave Buckman already told us why he couldn’t be more excited for Ithamar Enriquez’s show. We asked Dave for some more festival picks. Here’s what he sent us.

5) Wink Planet
Tuesday May 20th, 8:30pm, ColdTowne Theater.

A hot new sketch troupe of recent ColdTowne graduates who are some of the funniest new kids on the block.

4) Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting
Saturday, May 24th, 10pm, Spider House Ballroom.

These two ladies from NYC have been coming to Austin for the past several years to perform at the Ladies are Funny Festival and at Out of Bounds. They always bring the heat and they always sellout. Every time they come, they seem to ignite and inspire a frenzy of female sketch comics in Austin to write their own shows.

3) “I Didn’t See You There” The Show of One-Person Shows
Featuring Adam Trabka, Amy Wright, Byron Brown, Curtis Luciani, Erika May McNichol, Juliet Prather, Kirk Johnson, Kyle Sweeney, Scott Raney, and Will Cleveland
Tuesday, May 20th, 8:30pm, ColdTowne Theater.

A murders row of some of the funniest improvisers in Austin Improv right now making fun of one-person shows?
Yes, please!... Curtis, Erika and Byron alone would be worth the ticket price, but you also get Kirk, Kyle and Scott a triumvirate of alpha-male lunacy. Newcomers Amy, Juliet and Will are all about to have break out summers on Austin’s comedy stages and this will be one of your last chances to catch Bad Boys’ Adam Trabka before he moves to Portland in June.

2) Hot Property
Wednesday May 21st, 10pm, ColdTowne Theater.

Lance & Nick, (the Mick and Keith of Midnight Society) + David & Mac (the Gervais and Merchant of Mascot Wedding) are not only all brilliant comedians in their own right, but they make this troupe special in that they perform sketchprov. They have a loose frame of beats within a sketch but the way they get to those jokes are improvised. No one else on the scene does this and it has the effect of watching a masterful Jam Band like the Black Crowes work their way through a setlist.

1) My Mans
Friday, May 23rd and Saturday, May 24th, 8:30pm, Spider House Ballroom

Seth Meyers has declared that Tim Robinson (SNL, Late Night with Seth Meyers) one of the funniest people on the planet…and clips online of My Mans proves him right. He was so underused on his one on-screen season on SNL, it’s a shame because he is a true comic talent. My Mans was supposed to headline Out of Bounds 2 years ago but he got SNL and had to bow out (Noel Wells had to do the same thing this past year), so it’s been a long time coming to get them here in Austin. I can’t wait to see them live.

Line-up for The Show of One-Person Shows


This year ASF features three amazing one-person shows, “I Don’t Know Words” with Vanessa Gonzalez, “Who Are You People and Why Are You Watching Me?” with Brandon Gulya, and “Ithamar Has Nothing To Say” with Ithamar Enriquez. BUT THEY’RE ALL TOO FUNNY AND GENIUS. Where are all the really awful and completely self-serving one-person shows? Or at least a show where we make fun of them?
Marking its debut at Austin Sketch Fest, “I Didn’t See You There” features ten intentionally hilarious, one-person shows.

The rules:
-Each piece has to begin with, “Oh! Hello! I didn’t see you there!”
-In each, the main character has to lean a life lesson

The first time this show was put up at ColdTowne the results were so great, Austin Sketch Fest had to have it as an official part of the festival. Check out the line-up featuring some of ColdTowne’s finest.

-Adam TrabkaAmy WrightByron BrownCurtis LucianiErika May McNicholJuliet PratherKirk JohnsonKyle Sweeney
-Scott Raney – Will Cleveland

“I Didn’t See You There” will close out the opening night of the fest at ColdTowne Theater. Get tickets here.