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ASF Hot Seat: Vanessa Gonzalez

Vanessa Gonzalez is a triple threat, an unstoppable powerhouse in the world of Austin Improv and Sketch Comedy. Audiences watched her bring down the house during last year’s Sketch Fest with her one woman show, “I Don’t Know Words”. This year, she returns with her new show, “I Don’t Know Dating”.
You’ve always been great, but it seems like recently your profile has gone to the next level. Is it just doing consistent work, or did something change for you artistically?

Vanessa Gonzalez: Yeah, the response to “I Don’t Know Dating” has been amazing. I definitely think it’s a lot stronger than my first show. I think this show attracted a lot of new audiences for me because I had different opening acts and hosts every week. Each show felt like an event.

What made you want to start doing a one person show?

Vanessa: It was about 2 years ago when I wrote my first solo show “I Don’t Know Words.” At the time, I really just wanted to do a show run and go on tour but it was difficult to get a group to commit to that. So I decided to just do it on my own.

In case they missed your run back in February, what can people look forward to in your new show?

Vanessa: In this show, I make fun of my insecurities with dating through various characters and songs. There is a Pitbull song, pancake eating and a Valentines’ vendor, just to name a few. Sounds random but makes sense when you see the show!

[responsive_youtube GrB-IwcJHdE]

Who are your influences? Who are some of your favorite sketch comedy acts performing today?

Vanessa: I love John Leguizamo. I’ve been watching his one man shows since I was in 6th grade. I also LOVE Ithamar Enriquez. I saw his one man show last year at Austin Sketch Fest, and I was so blown away and inspired.

What makes you laugh the most?

Vanessa: I laugh at the most random stuff sometimes. Mostly babies and the elderly. When the giggles get me, I can’t stop.

What’s the best thing about the Austin comedy scene?

Vanessa: The comedy scene is so strong in Austin. I really believe our city has some of the best comedians in the country and I feel so honored/inspired/motivated to work along side them.

Do you have any fun “worst show” or “worst audience member” stories?

Vanessa: One time on tour, there was a very drunk woman in the front row during my show and she talked back to me in every sketch. At one point she even pulled out a bubble gun and there were bubbles flying everywhere. It was no longer a “solo show.” We we’re the sketch team called “Vanessa and Drunk Lady with a Bubble Gun.”

Do you have any fun “best show” stories?

Vanessa: The last show of my February run at Spider House was a blast. The audience was just so electric and Roxy Castillo had a killer opening set.

Any acts you’re looking forward to at this year’s festival?

Vanessa: Your Terrific Neighbors have always been a favorite of mine.

Share with us your tips for a job interview.

Vanessa: 1) Be Yourself 2) Have a resume 3) Don’t kiss the boss

We need to increase the visibility of this article. Any suggestions for a click-bait headline?

Vanessa: “Cats Reenact the movie Show Girls”

What else – comedy wise – are you looking forward to this year?

Vanessa: I’ll be debuting a new show this fall. And of course, you can catch me every weekend with the group Bad Example at The New Movement.

Vanessa Gonzales performs “I Don’t Know Dating” at Austin Sketch Fest on Friday, May 22nd, 8:30pm at Spider House Ballroom. TICKETS. You can also catch her performing in Bad Example on Saturday, May 23rd at 7pm at Spider House Ballroom. TICKETS.