Pat Sirois

ASF Hot Seat: Vanilla Presley


Vanilla Presley is the comedy hip hop duo of stand-ups Patrick Sirois and Lane Krarup. For those with a pretty low tolerance for bad comedy rap, rest easy, VP not only bring the microphone thunder but also the hilarity. At their show on Wednesday, not only will Vanilla Presley open the show with a performance, they’l be coming back on after Tastemakers and freestyling a rap based on Tastemakers’ set. Pretty sweet. We got Lane Krarup to answer some questions.
You guys are both seasoned stand-ups. Were there any nerves when you took the stage to rap?

Lane Krarup: We both actually started rapping before we did stand up. We found our time doing stand up has really helped our rap performance in terms of timing and presence. We’d encourage all stand-ups to rap, but for their safety, never to challenge us.

What is your writing process?

Lane: We’ll pick a topic that is funny and interesting to us, and see if it is broad enough to write an entire song about. Then we’ll write down everything we can think of about it, come up with a funny angle, and hammer away at it until we’ve got something that’s catchy and funny.

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What can we expect from your ASF show?

Lane: A show that is entertaining, musical, and funny. If you come to see us you’ll get to see those three things and nothing else!

What are you looking forward to about austin sketch fest?

Lane: We’re really looking forward to freestyle rapping about the performances that are a part of the show we’re on. Our favorite thing is to rap on the spot about something that’s happening in the moment.

Vanilla Presely will be performing with the Tastemakers and Vanessa Gonzalez’s “I Don’t Know Words” on Wednesday, May 21st, 8:30pm at ColdTowne Theater. BUY TICKETS HERE.