Rabbit Rabbit

ASF Hot Seat: Rabbit Rabbit


Chicago’s Rabbit Rabbit came to Austin Sketch Fest last year and blew us away. Fast, inventive, and so very funny, their show was easily one of the most talked about at the Fest. That’s why we were so delighted to have the duo of Andrew Bentley and Chris Blake back this year.
How did Rabbit Rabbit come together?

Andrew Bentley: We started as a four-man group in college, back in 2007. Chris and I discovered our mutual love of sketch in one of our acting classes, and since our program didn’t really have an outlet for that we grabbed two other performers and made our own.

Chris Blake: We enjoyed working together and so we decided to move from Virginia to Chicago to really pursue it, and that’s when it became just the two of us.

You guys killed it at last year’s fest. What made you want to come back for a second straight ASF?

Andrew: Thank you for saying so! We had an incredible time last year. A lot of festivals we do can be kind of perfunctory- show up, do sketches, go home- but ASF had such a sense of hospitality and collaboration. The audiences were great, the venues were great and the other performers were great.

Chris: Oh first and foremost going back to Austin, which is a fantastic city to visit. The festival itself is our favorite one we’ve done, because of the support from patrons and the other performers. Just a wonderful group of people doing comedy. What more can you ask for? Tubing… you also have tubing.

Andrew: And sunlight. Wonderful sunlight.

You guys are so rapid-fire, and it’s just the two of you. Are you exhausted after shows?

Chris: I think if we were not breathing heavy and sweating (some more than others) we would not be happy with the result of the show we just performed. We pride ourselves in making sure every bit of energy, both physical and mental, explodes on stage.

Andrew: When we get off stage we’re usually riding a sort of adrenalin high. The exhaustion comes later, when we’re counting how many bruises we got from falling over the scenery this time.

What’s your writing process like?

Andrew: Kind of a three-step process. We tend to write in batches. First we meet at a diner for a couple weeks and spitball ideas and talk about where they could go. When we’ve got some we like, I lock myself in a room with coffee until we’ve got a script. I take that to Chris and we start working it, with Chris adding jokes and making the character his own.

Chris: Sometimes it works right away, other times it is just the two of us standing in Andrew’s living room working an idea til we are fed up with it, or it finally clicks.

Andrew: Yeah, sometimes it just doesn’t work like we hoped, and we have to gut it and start again. Most of the time though it goes straight to stage.

Chris: Also, coffee is gross.

What are you looking forward to at this year’s fest?

Chris: I am looking forward to enjoying the other performers at the festival! STAG Comedy is hilarious and we are looking forward to seeing them again on and off stage. Also, fellow Chicago natives My Mans will be there and they are always a blast to watch

Andrew: Can I say the flip cup tournament? Is that a secret? If so you can edit it out. The shows of course, especially the acts sharing our performance block: Katie Pengra and The Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting.

Rabbit Rabbit takes the stage at the Spider House Ballroom this Saturday, May 24th at 10pm with Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting and stand-up from Katie Pengra. TICKETS HERE.