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ASF Hot Seat: STAG Comedy


STAG Comedy is Austin’s most well-traveled group. Plying fests in Seattle, Chicago, Toronto, and more. They also did a set at this year’s Moontower Comedy Festival, right here in Austin. For Austin Sketch Fest, they’ve upped the stakes. STAG will be debuting their brand new police-themed show “Below the Law” on the Thursday night of ASF. We put some Stags under the hot lamps.
Why a police-themed show?

Lance Gilstrap: I’ll give the real answer since I’m first… Stag already had a LOT of cop-themed sketches and it sounded like a fun idea to write a couple more and add them to the already large pile of police sketches (huh, I just now realized that might be confusing), but it turns out that everyone LOVES writing cop-themes so much that the majority of the show is brand new stuff.

David Jara: The pitch for this show was “guns, sunglasses, toothpicks, and cocaine” and I was sold immediately. All I had to do after that was run out and buy some toothpicks.

Ximena Estrada: We have a hard time not writing sketches about cops. Most of the time, our sketches involve cop storylines and we just change the setting and tweak the characters so that we appear to be more versatile and imaginative. But this time we were like, “Fuck it, let’s show the people who we really are. These colors don’t run!” Or something like that.

Any favorite fictional police?

Dave Youmans: Danny Glover in Predator 2, the Hot Cops from Arrested Development, and Sting.


Mac Blake: Cobra, Police Chief Wiggum, and the Robot-Cop. God, what a fucking amazing team-up that would be.

[responsive_vimeo 93581589]

You guys brought Sam Malcolm aboard for this show. Sam, any hazing so far?

Dave: Who?

Lance: Sam, remember what we said about snitches…

Sam Malcolm: ha – no way, man. i would Probably never Let anyone hazE me. they do have some weird rituAls, though, but everyone haS to go through thosE. like that time we all had to crawl on our hands and knees to mcdonalds but i left later than everyone else so i crawled alone and by the time i got tHere thEy were aLl back home and Politely asked me to crawl back with 100 chicken nuggets but when i got back home they said they weren’t hungry anymore and said i should eat the 100 nuggets in one sitting so they didn’t go to waste. but nah, no hazing really.

Ximena: Sam’s a piece of shit. Ha, just kidding. I say that because we like to tear him down so we can build him up.

“Below the Law” police-themed show. Last October you did a halloween show, STAB. If given time and opportunity, are there any other themed shows you’d like to tackle?

Lance: I’m a big fan of Arbor Day.

Ximena: I’d like to stick to cop shows, honestly. I’d like to do nothing but cop themed things from now on. Maybe one where we all play vigilante woodland creatures.

Mac: If I had the time, I feel like a Ninja Turtles-themed one would still be a bad idea.

What other shows are you looking forward to at ASF?

Mac: Pretty much every show. Every single show. My Mans is going to kill. Last time I saw Skinny Bitch Jesus meeting – that show was amazing. Stone Cold Fox from New York is sooooo funny. Rabbit Rabbit was so great last year, I’m super excited they’re coming back.

Sam: I love the concept of “Why We Broke Up” and am excited to see how they pull it off. And the line-up for Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction is crazy good. I’m pumped to see how different performers – stand-ups, actors, writers – attack their pieces.

Ximena: The flip-cup tournament show.

STAG Comedy will be premiering their new show Below the Law, on Thursday May 22nd, 10pm at the Spider House Ballroom along with stand-up from Bryan Cook and sketch from Girls with Brown Hair. TICKETS available here.