everyone's favorite game show

Guests for Everyone's Favorite Game Show, Master Pancake Theater

This is it. The closing night of the 2014 Austin Sketch Fest. We’re going out in style with two amazing and very different shows. At 8:30pm we have Everyone’s Favorite Game Show From UCB New York. The guest comedy contestants on that show will be Ithamar Enriquez and ColdTowne’s own Cody Dearing (tickets here).
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Then at 10pm the hit Alamo Drafthouse show, Master Pancake Theater will go up. They’ll be turning their movie mocking skills on an episode of Law & Order: SVU. Joining Master Pancake’s John Erler, will be guests Kath Barbadoro (who crushed it on Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction) and STAG Comedy’s Mac Blake (tickets here).

See ya there!

ASF Hot Seat: Everyone's Favorite Game Show


Our closing night is going to be hella fun. Starting off the Sunday Sketch Fest line-up is Everyone’s Favorite Game Show, a live comedy game show from New York City’s UCB Theater. Three contestants battle it out for a grand prize of twenty american dollars. One of the contestants is drawn from the audience each night, so if you think you have what it takes, put your name in the bucket. The show’s host and ringmaster Ryan Simmons gave us some more info.
Where did the desire to do a live game show come from?

Ryan Simmons: At the UCB in New York, they are always encouraging us to create and work on as much original stuff as we can on our own. I wanted to start an original show that had something special about it, and for a very long time I was coming up empty. Then I realized I’ve always been a huge fan of game shows, and I was obsessed with them as a kid. So doing a real game show with actual trivia questions but some sort of comedy element seemed fun and an opportunity to try something new.

You pick a contestant from the audience each show. Ever get any weirdos?

Ryan: Most of the time, the guest contestants have just happened to be other comedian friends of ours, so they’ve been relatively friendly. We’ve had a few strangers, but we haven’t had any weirdos. But even the most docile person becomes a competitive monster when their actual mental prowess comes into question, so the game can get pretty heated!

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There’s a clip from your show where you had contestants whisper some strong profanity to your actual mom. She seemed like an amazing sport. What did she say after the show?

Ryan: She didn’t know anything about what we were going to put her through until the moment it was revealed on stage. After the show she actually came out and had a beer with us and was just happy to be a part of the show!

What can we expect from your ASF show?

Ryan: You can basically expect a lot of insane characters that just constantly come in to interrupt or otherwise ruin a straight-laced game show… You never know who is going to show up or how our planned guests will sabotage everything.

What are you looking forward to about the Fest?

Ryan: Sticking it to the dean at the local university! And the BBQ. And getting to know all the cool and supportive comedians here in the liberal heart of Texas!

Everyone’s Favorite Game Show kicks off our closing night, Sunday May 25th, 8:30pm at Spider House Ballroom. Tickets here.