The ASF 2016 Line-up First Wave!


We are pleased as punch (punch is very happy with itself) to announce our first wave of performers for the seventh annual Austin Sketch Comedy Festival, playing May 23rd to the 29th at ColdTowne Theater, Spider House Ballroom, and the Hideout Theater.
We’ll have headlining shows from NYC’s Bellevue (creators of the “lost” Seinfeld episode), UCBLA sketch powerhouse Nephew, and ASF super-favorites Girls With Brown Hair (NYC). ASF 2016 will also feature performances from visiting groups One Idiot (NYC), DJ Faucet (LA), ColdTowne alumnus Chrissy Shackleford’s one-person project Diane Shangri-La Presents (NYC), Blade Brown (LA), Magic By Death (Dallas), The Executives (NYC), and NYC’s 5 Staggering Facts My Opponents Keep To Themselves (also featuring some former Coldies, Katie Sicking and Nick Ramirez).

Austin Sketch Fest will also showcase some of the best comedy acts in Austin, like Your Terrific Neighbors, Vanessa Gonzalez, Bad Example, Cene Hale’s “What Are You?”, Jonestroch, Love Me Tinder, Emma Holder’s Kennedy Women, Vanilla Presley, Pendulum, The Con, Will Cleveland, and Jeff Whitaker’s “I’m Not Mad”.

Austin’s premier movie mockers (and always a festival highlight) Master Pancake Theater will be back, as will The Show of One Person Shows. Naughty Bits, the only comedy AND sex advice show will be doing a special festival performance as will the comedy party and Dark Arts-exploring show Waterbed. Plus, Improvised sketch comedy podcast Victrola will be doing a live recording during the fest.

We’re also mega-pumped and hyper-psyched to partner with our friends at Sure Things Records to host the live album recording of stand-up Eric Krug.

The rest of the line-up and a full schedule will be posted in the coming weeks, so check back in yo. A limited number of Earlybird All-Fest passes will go on sale very soon, so follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see when those drop. L8r Dayz.