Volunteer for Austin Sketch Fest!

Greetings, future Austin Sketch Fest volunteer:
(“Who, me?” says you. “Yes, you!” says me.)

Thursday, May 26th through Monday, May 30th (Memorial Day weekend) is the second annual AUSTIN SKETCH FEST! (Hosted by Coldtowne Theater, an American humor corporation all rights reserved.)

The second annual Sketch Fest will be stepping it up from last year’s festivities, with an assortment of out-of-town visitors as well as sets from Austin’s finest. Workshops! Merriment! Everything that your heart could possibly desire, so long as your heart’s possible desires all pertain to sketch comedy.

But festivals don’t run themselves (except for the International Nanotechnology Festival — right, nerds?). They require the efforts of dedicated, selfless teams of volunteers who do things like:

  • Run tech for shows
  • Sell tickets
  • Stage manage
  • Set up, break down, and clean up
  • Take photos or videos of shows
  • Drive around and help out our out-of-town performers
  • Help with parties
  • Promote the festival
  • Do some of the other dozen or show things that make festivals work

Have your name writ forever in the book of glory! Volunteer for Austin Sketch Fest!

Click HERE to fill out the volunteer form.


Curtis Luciani
Sketch Fest Volunteer Coordinator

PS: Volunteers get to do things like see shows for free! And possibly even wear brand new, free t-shirts!