Meninists is a half hour sketch comedy show starring Chad (Katie Stone) and Tony (Erica Lies).  Menenists not only effectively satirizes the alt-right and the Mens Rights Movements, it clarifies many of the muddy and absurd aspects of these far-right youth-led movements in a way that is charming if not at times effective in putting the audience rightfully off-balance.

These self-identified Alt Right Men’s Rights Activists and sneaker enthusiasts host a weekly cable access show live from Chad’s mom’s basement. For the first time ever, they have enough fans to host a live taping. Swallow the red pill, awake from your PC slumber, and journey with them to learn whether or not they’re Nazis, how they feel about pizza, and their very straight love for leader Richard Spencer. Dare enter their world, normies! In Pepe They Trust.

Creative Team:

Menenists is written, performed and produced by:

Erica Lies (Tony) is a classically trained actor with a decade of improv and sketch comedy experience. Her film credits include 29 Light Years, It’s Your Turn, Server Life, and web series Freelancers. As a writer, she is a three-time Second Rounder at the Austin Film Festival with TV pilots she co-wrote with Valerie Nies, and her work has run in McSweeney’s, National Lampoon, Splitsider Humor Section, and the Huffington Post. Erica holds a BFA from West Virginia University and an MA from The University of Texas at Austin, both in theater. She teaches sketch at ColdTowne Theater.

Katie Stone (Chad) is an improviser and stand-up comedian best known for co-founding sex advice and stand-up show Naughty Bits. Katie performs weekly with The Megaphone Show at The New Movement, and is currently performing with her sketch troupe Martini Ranch in This is [Not] the Gayest Show You’ll Ever See at Coldtowne Theater. She has been featured at Austin Sketch, Hell Yes, Out of Bounds, Come and Take It, Orlando Indie and Blue Whale Comedy Festivals.

Directed by Chris McKeever

A graduate of the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City, Chris McKeever has over a decade of experience in performing, writing and directing comedy. Currently, he is a weekly cast member of Iden B Payne nominated "F*ck This Week" Mondays at The New Movement. Chris was a writer and performer in December's sold-out run of Elvis's Rockin' Nativity, a sketch comedy revue at Coldtowne Theater.